Obama Legalize Weed

Obama Legalize Weed

why can obama smoke weed and it’s fine, but a person who is suffering needs help. That why does Obama smoking dope as a young man only seem to upset most people but so what. Did Barrack Obama legalize weed for anything other than helping people,  obama will legalize weed for everyone over the age of 21. 

Will Obama Legalize Weed

Obama legalize weed - medicinal marijuana

Should obama legalize weed in Indiana, and will obama help people who are sick with weed, legalizing .  Should Obama legalize weed and tax it to help balance the budget.  Why should Obama legalize weed and tax it to help balance the budget, and are concerning will obama legalize weed for people who are suffering.

Will Obama Legalize Weed In 2011

Many people are so sick that they need medicinal marijuana to help service because of sickness, and how safe is marijuana, and what is marijuana with preparation and dosage methods. The sickest people cook marijuana with a meals for many people who have weakness, and also how to obtain medical marijuana.

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White House Smoke-In Poster 1982 Marijuana Reform Reagans Washington, DC

White House Smoke-In Poster 1982 Marijuana Reform Reagans Washington, DC


 Obama Legalize Weed - Weed Dispensaries

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Legalizing Weed Obama

Will Obama Legalize Weed - weed dispensariesLegalizing Weed Obama

We are all about to see history because of the powerful drug that is going to become a major tax paying for the country, as we see Legalizing Weed Obama style. He know, and wants to help everyone who is suffering from pain.
Is it true that Obama is the legalization of weed?

and its only gonna be for all ages or just for 21 years and over? ‘m not a pothead or anything, I currently have never had it. but I was wondering.

No, its going to be legalized.

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Obama Weed Legalization

obama weed legalization
Why are not Democrats anti-war, pro-weed legalization, and anti-TSA as Republican Ron Paul?

Why not talk Democratic leaders like Obama like that? I would consider myself a Democrat but I Good question. I do not know why they say Democrats more because they are the party that has consistently attempting to overthrow the will of the people when people do not vote how they want (sex marriage rejected every time its been put and the Democrats try to find creative new ways to interpret laws so that the will of the people is overturned).
And when the overwhelming majority people do not want the bills they are trying to pass (health care, rescue, recovery plans), they are like “who asked one of you? “If they are in favor of democracy, they have a funny way of showing it. Ron Paul is the only sane person Washington, I think. Therefore, it is rarely covered by the media.

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Is Obama Legalizing Weed

is obama legalizing weed
When Obama is going to legalize weed?

I still hear people talking, but when is he going? 1) im 16 lol i dnt kno all the stuff of government, 2) i am a republican 3) obama isn't my god as divided mind said … I really am a Christian and Scott … i dnt even go to a public school. I am in a private school and were in a 3rd year since

He has the power to declare war, but I think that Congress and the Senate should agree to legalize it.

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Will Obama Legalize Weed

will obama legalize weed

Even if you live in one state that has not yet considered or already legalized the use of medical marijuana there is no doubt you’ve probably heard some talk of your news every night. Currently, fourteen states have legalized some form medical marijuana. Thirteen more have legislation pending which may soon make it legal within their boarders. So what’s behind this change in government policy and public opinion? Why are new signs of acceptance of the legalization of medical marijuana grow almost every day? Can marijuana really be regarded as medicine and the fledgling industry does represent new and legitimate money making business opportunities for those looking outside the box for new sources of wealth? Or is it simply another product of our governments States may begin to impose?

Will Obama Legalize Weed - medicinal-marijuana3

If you take a quick look around, there are many signs that marijuana is creeping slowly in most radar screens of the financial difficulties of states around the country are seeking new sources of revenue. With so many of our states struggling to balance their accounts, it seems that many seek to legalize medical marijuana as a means to generate new tax revenue to help relieve the budget wows.

Recently, the American Medical Association has softened its position on the drug, recommending that some federal controls on it be relaxed. In addition, the Obama administration recently canceled a long-standing policy of the Bush era and said it would stop federal prosecution of medical marijuana users and suppliers who comply with their state laws. The value of this weed rapidly growing?

Will Obama Legalize Weed - medicinal-marijuana.8

Now it seems that many entrepreneurs are looking at this new industry as a company whose now ready to “own” Amazon.com “and the numbers seem to support this thesis. Legal or not, marijuana is a huge cash crop. In California alone, marijuana generates annual sales estimated at 14 billion. Now, with increasingly liberal state laws on medical marijuana, more than this money than ever is spent legally. This creates a demand for many new administrative, legal and accounting firms, just name a few, which are rapidly increasing to take advantage of this new growth industry. There is already a demand for more education and training in many states have recently passed medical marijuana laws and entrepreneurs are coming forward with answers.

Despite what your thoughts are on the legalization of medical marijuana, it became clear that many who were once against it have now changed their views. You might be surprised to know just who all support this legislation. One of the defenders of nations top consumer, with many other prominent politicians, professors and business tycoons, have all the statements made recently, not only an apology the legalization of medical marijuana, but he advocates. With them, however, there is much more that remains strongly oppose the use this medicine for nothing. Legal or not.

At this point, it seems that the question is not if but when, the use of marijuana as medicine, will be widely accepted throughout the United States. Like the lottery, which sweeps the nation over the past two decades, the real question may be how whose states are likely to want to legalize medical marijuana, it can be, how many can afford not to? With so many of our States now suffers financially, perhaps what we should really focus on is whether or not marijuana is really an effective drug or is just becoming another taxable product?

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Obama Legalize Weed 2009

Obama will legalize weed?

Obama was a heavy smoker. (Including marijuana). When he started this campaign, he promised to quit. He did not exactly quit, but smoke less, and I recently found a photo of him smoking that look so real, but I do not know, and I think it would legalize the weed, one day, what do you think? Oh, and here's the picture: http://macsmind.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/obama-smoking.jpg

Yeah, he probably would … I think the American people are ready for it, but Obama already ruined. He had the opportunity to pass a law because he had total control of Congress. Every Republican could be against his rule and he would not question. But he made a gesture major bone head. He wanted show that he could pass one of the biggest bills in history and he failed. Failed with his own damn party. This is what happens when you have more ego than experience. What a stupid decision. He was so desperate to make it work, he had to meet in camera. Nobody answers in camera conference unless they are discussing classified top secret things so this was weird. Now he is under the microscope and it has to create jobs before he does anything else.

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Barack Obama Legalize Weed

barack obama legalize weed
ok, what exactly is wrong with smoking weed?

o, before the beginning of i, i do smoke weed. I tried it, but I diddnt 2 get high enough. go further, I asked my friends who smoke weed what it is. and they all told me that the only things wrong are your super hungry [aka mucheez] and you're super excited. I know it's kill brain cells, but not alcohol? and tobacco leaves you with a robotic voice creepy! fish man [Michael Phelps, I think I spelled his name right], he smokes weed. the fact that Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, bob marley when he was alive, and I heard some cases that Barack Obama does. going, President freakin smokes weed! also, is not cons weeds not exceeding a plant? I find nothing dangerous herbs. Which brings me to another question: if people find a way to get water off the top, they will not legalize the water? I personally think the government should legalize weed, because people are still will. sorry so long. all responses will be appreciated!

I see absolutely nothing wrong with smoking marijuana. there been no confirmed deaths related to marijuana use, you can not overdose, it is not physical dependence, and I am sure that birth defects are not worse than cigarettes cause. I've never known someone who toked during pregnancy. let alone our country can really use the money if we were to legalize bud, should bring about a billion per year to $ 24 U.S.. is money we could use to rebuild our economy, or put towards a better education. honestly, they were studying. is no worse than cigarettes. it helps you concentrate while driving. In one study, they found that a man driving skills and accuracy improved after smoking a spliff. if yes. if you smoke or if you do not, you're for or against him, show fully the documentary "Oven: Unrated "I think it is. Impartial and gives many statistics and facts without being boring. It's actually really funny. EDIT: in fact." Dr. Summers' serious all used Wikipedia as its source? Wow. Keep in mind that it is updated and written by every day people like you and me.

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Barack Obama Legalization

barack obama legalization
In the shadow of the election rally draws laughs, activism WASHINGTON (AP) – In the shadow of the Capitol and the election, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert entertain a huge crowd Saturday at a "common sense" rally to mock the political temper of the nation, fear and prophets of doom-mongers.

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Obama On Legalization

obama on legalization

If you ran your household finances as the federal government would make you bankrupt. The federal government still have the possibility print more money to spend more. The result of printing more money results in the devaluation of our dollar which in turn leads to huge cost increases for food and goods. If these actions are not reversed by reducing public spending and stop printing more money, our great country will not only bankrupt, but we as a nation to achieve the status of a country Third World.

Today, our leaders talk about cutting some benefits and rights that really tells us that we the people must sacrifice themselves for their screwing our economy. It does not seem the right direction to go but I think the government should tighten its belt and also reduce the size of its workforce like any business would be in economic times like we have today.

Government spending is out of control. As a sign of good faith politicians should take a 10% reduction of wages. Their advantages, such as health, pension, per diems should also be reduced by 10% to 20%. With regard to the benefits they receive for their "service" to our country, each of these benefits should be considered separately and either decreased or completely erraticated dollar.

While the spending cuts, the government must explore new ways to generate revenue other than tax us to death. Some of our leaders argue that the rich should bear a tax increase while others in government say it would further damage our economy by taking the necessary investment dollars out of institutions commercial. If this is the case, and I think that's the case, why not increase the tax on the household incomes of $ 500,000 with radiation specially designed for the rich to defer these gains by investing in the economy.

With a federal sales tax of 1% would be useful for development of income and how about a federal lottery once every two months to go the same way that the state lotto, but with a twist. The first prize, regardless of the amount could be spread over 20 or 25 years free of any and all taxes. How much money does this generate? And dare I say? Legalize marijuana, treat it as alcohol and cigarettes. Ask the same laws apply to the sale and use of marijuana. Between sin tax and sales tax from the legalization of this drug that the government should make a reasonable sum. It would also affect these cartels Drug taking away a significant portion of their income.

It is time the government realizes it can not live on the backs of us, the people. The burden became too big to handle. It is time to return to basics and return to the constitution of this country and restore our nation to greatness. It is time to put our compatriots return to work.

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Obama Pot

obama pot

What is the program of President Obama make affordable All About Home

There was much discussion on administrative Obama Making Affordable Home Program. The program announced in March 2009 has two components: 1) the affordable home program refinancing or short harp and 2) Affordable Home Modification program also known as the COPE program.

The HARP program (Affordable Home Refinance Program) is designed for mortgage loans held by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in which the owner can afford their monthly payments, but is unable to refinance because they currently have more than their house is worth. Under this program Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac allow them to refinance up to 105% of the value of their home at a market interest rate today. To qualify for this program, you must have a satisfactory credit rating.

Regarding the COPE program (Affordability Home Modification Program) – This program is designed to help people who are in foreclosure or will be in foreclosure to keep their homes. This program is designed to help people who have suffered some sort of financial difficulties due to a drop in income such as losing a job or your spouse had an increase in mortgage payment as in the case of a variable rate mortgage that adjusted upward. The household must still have an income but credit is not a factor.

According to the guidelines of the COPE program in your interest rate can be lowered to as little as 2% to a maximum of five years, the bank may also extend the repayment period of up to 40 years, and part of your loan balance principle can be placed on forbearance – A big word that means its still hanging there, but you do not have to pay interest over a certain period of time. If you sell the home – you'll still have to repay that money. All these factors are designed to get your mortgage payment up to 31% of your gross household income.

For lenders participating in the COPE program the federal government has softened the pot by giving them an incentive to change a loan applicant. For each of the first five years of changing the Feds will pay your lender a certain amount per month to accept the change. In addition, as owner, if you are paying new modification of times you may be eligible for $ 1,000 reduction in principle for each year you make your payments time – up to 5 years.

You should consult your lawyer or a reputable company that deals regularly loan modification such as loan SureFast Modification.com. These professionals skilled, can help ensure you get the best deal possible and do not take advantage of your bank.

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